You Design, You Innovate, You think big

You are building solutions to everyday problems

You are building a business, you are building on your dream

You intend to make a difference

You are welcome to apply to join BDHub


We seek Technology and non-Technology businesses to apply at BDHub

We’d love to discover that you’re our next member

We’ll provide strategic guidance, support and mentoring:

We’ll enable you to convert dreams to reality

We’re a small, growing business just like you are


We have some pretty amazing plans to deliver to our mission of driving startup businesses as a foundation brick of the revival of the Nigerian economy


This is community building and you can be a part of it

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You are not alone – and the knowledge you need is available

You will help build the knowledge of our community

Our Community will build your knowledge

and Your Network

We want to position you to succeed and make your business investment-ready

Our Way


Progress an idea into a business model via research, refinement, networking and knowledge


Continue your research; identify and analyse your risks; plan and move forward


Model the future: financial and product roadmaps… and the proof that you can deliver!


Prove and refine your  targets and markets… grow your network and prepare to pitch


Intelligent growth and scaling: pre- and post-investment planning & Investor management

Current BDHub Member Businesses

Our Abuja Facility

From self-funded, humble beginnings, our conviction –  and serious graft – is paying off… take a peek


The Exec Team



20% Discount on Two Year Membership

Membership & Facilities Annual Pricing

Virtual Zone

  • 3 * 4 hrs / Month
  • 12 off-peak hours
  • Internet, A/C, AC

DropIn Zone

  • 2 1/2days weekly
  • Free off-peak
  • Visitor Rights

Hotdesk Zone

  • Open Access
  • Full Visitor Rights
  • Locker Rental

Resident Zone

  • Reserved Desk
  • Unlimited access
  • Locker Facility

Private Office

  • Inside office
  • Un/Furnished
  • Other Privileges

Deluxe Office

  • Window Office
  • Un/Furnished
  • Fridge & TV

(Quarterly Fees  at 20% Premium)

IT, Design, Admin, Accounting, Legal, IT and other services available via our trusted Partner Network

Daily Fees Available ‘at the door’ – restrictions apply; based on availability

Balami Dream Hub… helping to turn Entrepreneur Dreams into sustainable Business Realities

Community & Collaboration, Creativity &Brain Storming

… Enabling Detmerinatons

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